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Finding a suitable retirement village

In my culture, the assumption is that my family would end up taking care of elderly parents but unfortunately as we don't live in the same state that wasn't possible. It is very stressful to have to search for a caring aged care facility over the internet, but we came up with a short list on line then visted them. I learnt a lot about the difference between different facilities and care levels, which I have noted down on this site. I have to admit, our parents seem much happier now that they are in a good facility and some plans activities for them everyday and does all the chores! When they are happy, I am also happy.

Five Ways That Nature Therapy Enhances Cognitive Function In Aged Care

The world of aged care is recognising the profound influence that nature therapy can have on the cognitive health of the elderly. This holistic approach, encompassing the soothing sights, sounds, and scents of nature, can stimulate memory, focus attention, and provide numerous other cognitive benefits. Here are five ways that nature therapy distinctly boosts cognitive function in aged care settings. 1. Leveraging Nature Therapy for Memory Care In Aged Care Read More