Finding a suitable retirement villageFinding a suitable retirement village

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Finding a suitable retirement village

In my culture, the assumption is that my family would end up taking care of elderly parents but unfortunately as we don't live in the same state that wasn't possible. It is very stressful to have to search for a caring aged care facility over the internet, but we came up with a short list on line then visted them. I learnt a lot about the difference between different facilities and care levels, which I have noted down on this site. I have to admit, our parents seem much happier now that they are in a good facility and some plans activities for them everyday and does all the chores! When they are happy, I am also happy.

Five Ways That Nature Therapy Enhances Cognitive Function In Aged Care

The world of aged care is recognising the profound influence that nature therapy can have on the cognitive health of the elderly. This holistic approach, encompassing the soothing sights, sounds, and scents of nature, can stimulate memory, focus attention, and provide numerous other cognitive benefits. Here are five ways that nature therapy distinctly boosts cognitive function in aged care settings. 1. Leveraging Nature Therapy for Memory Care In Aged Care Read More 

Retirement Living: From Retirement Community to Skilled Nursing

Retirement living is an excellent option for those who are just starting to lose mobility or who simply want to live near others who are in the same stage of life. If you have just started to look into retirement and assisted living options, you might want to know more about what the different options entail. Learn the differences between a retirement community and an assisted living facility below. Retirement Living Community Read More 

Aged Care Tips For Home Caregivers

Taking care of a senior adult can be a fulfilling and eye-opening experience. It is an opportunity to bond with your aged loved ones and appreciate them for how they took care of you in the past. A challenge that most home caregivers experience is that they may not have taken care of an older adult in the past. This predisposes them to make errors that could affect their loved one's health and quality of life. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Retirement Village Living

Aging is an inevitable part of life's journey. It causes mixed feelings in many people who have reached retirement age and entering the next stage of life. For most people, the positives outweigh the negatives, and retirement means freedom, relaxation and more leisure time. For many retirees, it's also a time to reconsider their living arrangements, with many choosing to downsize from a family home that is too large and difficult to maintain. Read More 

Two reasons why your elderly parent might be better off in an aged care facility instead of living by themselves

If your elderly parent is currently living alone, it may be worth asking them if they would like to move into an aged care facility (otherwise known as a nursing home). Read on to find out why. It could make their day-to-day life safer and easier Living alone as an elderly person can be challenging and stressful. The physical frailty and cognitive issues that often develop when a person enters their twilight years can make everyday tasks considerably harder than they once were. Read More